DIY Green Energy For Homes

Using Back Garden Solar Lights as a Feature

Heat from the sun has been a source of energy used by people since ancient times up until now in the modern age, where technology continues to evolve.

Giving your backyard a facelift can be a refreshing thing to do. In a drive to live greener, it’s worth considering solar lights in your backyard/garden  when revamping it.

There are few places that can fully harness free energy from the sun like your garden. Slowly, but most surely, back garden solar lights are becoming the de facto lighting solution for the modern backyard. Here are some of their benefits.

They work almost everywhere

In an outdoor garden, solar lights bring out minor accent lights in pathways or where people walk. Thus, solar lights provide the perfect illumination for garden pathways, in addition to adding beauty.

Provide security

Not only does solar power lighting save energy, it also helps to provide security lighting to those dark spots in your garden or backyard. If you’ve made some redesigns in your backyard, they can be accentuated using solar-lit spotlights, making the design stand-out at night.

In addition, solar power is generally safer, so there are minimal risks of electrical shocks due to poor or loose wiring.  As such, your kids can safely and freely play without concern of harming themselves on unsafe connections or loose wiring. You will also have the luxury of hosting visitors at night.

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They are affordable

Most people prefer solar lighting because it is generally cheaper than other alternatives. Generally, you can expect to spend once - during initial set up - and afterwards, costs reduce since maintenance is cheap. Return on investment can also be realized a few years down the road since your electricity bill will gradually go down. Traditional lighting is usually costly because setting up the electrical wiring and maintaining it is expensive.

Easy installation

Since they are easy to install, they don’t require much maintenance. You can equip them with sensors so that they automatically switch on at night and off during day time.

Environmentally friendly

Energy from the sun is free and environmentally friendly. The lights do not require cumbersome electrical hook-ups or long power cords. It is therefore logical to choose solar lighting for your garden for all its environmental benefits.

How long can the light work for?

The duration that the solar panels are exposed to sunlight will determine how long the lights will work during night time. In this case, the solar cells are useful as the solar powered garden lights will generate and store their energy there. In addition, the direction the panels are placed matters a lot. So, to greatly increase how long the lights will work at night, expose the solar lighting to the northern side for optimum results. Exposing the panels south wards may reduce their output.

Anywhere that you want to bring light and beauty to your garden, add solar powered garden lights. Considering how energy costs are on rise, people are looking for ways to cut down on costs. You can start by trying garden solar lights.

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