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Three of the Best Patio Furniture Materials

Selecting patio furniture material can be overwhelming due to the numerous types of materials and perhaps thousands of designs made from those materials.

ial you may want to select depends on a number of factors, ranging from the climate in your area to your budget permit.

By comprehending your priorities, selecting the correct patio furniture materials should be very simple.

The most commonly applied materials in making patio furniture are metal, wicker and rattan, plastic and wood. However, three of these materials are quite popular in making the furniture thus, they are considered the best of all. These are; wood, metal, wicker and rattan.


Patio furniture made from wood materials is the best to purchase. This is because it can stand up regardless of harsh weather elements such as summer storms, not forgetting the hot scorching sun. However, patio wood furniture requires regular maintenance, like treatment with a coating that’s water resistant avoiding damage from the rain, among others.

Wicker and rattan

If you want to be changing the décor of your patio more often without necessarily purchasing new furniture, then wicker and rattan is the best patio furniture option. Wicker and rattan is made from natural materials. Wicker is usually the end product of weaving rattan among other materials, while rattan is a tree that grows along the ground.

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Wicker and rattan is one of the most common material type used in making patio furniture. The furniture is made using stripes of rattan woven onto wet wood or bamboo. Besides being durable, they are also very flexible due to their lightweight. This can therefore enable you to frequently move the furniture either in or outdoor.

Furniture made from these materials is inexpensive and very natural. They don’t require you to keep on maintaining them. If you wish to have furniture that’s natural and an alternative from hardwood then this is the best material.


Patio furniture made from metallic material is very good to adopt either indoors or outdoor. It’s usually more economical than that made from wood. This is because unlike wood, metal doesn’t require much maintenance. There exist three types of metal materials that patio furniture is made from. These are;

Aluminium - Furniture made from this material is not only light weight but also tough. If you would like to be moving your furniture around then this is the best type of metal material to consider.

Tubular metal - Patio furniture made from this type of metal material is the cheapest and often found at discount prices in furniture stores. It doesn’t require much maintenance and it lasts long.

 3 Wrought iron - Furniture made from wrought iron is perhaps the most expensive of all metal material furniture. However, it has become popular since it adds a classy feel and is very stylish among other patio furniture.

If you are seeking to change your patio into an inviting place where you and your entire family, not forgetting the guests can comfortably relax, then these are the best materials to choose from when purchasing patio furniture.

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