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Solar Power Battery

Due to the fact that fuel and electricity costs are becoming exorbitant for most people, they have decided to divert to the use of solar panels in order to generate power at a lower rate.

Production of power through this means is less expensive because the energy consumed is from the sun. All one needs is to buy a solar panel to convert the heat from the sun and a battery for storing the converted energy.

This makes the battery a vital element in the generation of this power - due to the fact that, minus the battery to store the energy, you would only be able to access solar power when the sun is out.

The battery bank is the only part of the solar power system that is misunderstood by most people. This is because different batteries are required to power varying devices. For example, some golf carts use wet cells while others use sealed cells and, they have different ventilation, mounting and temperature requirements.

These batteries also have a different charge or discharge cycle. For instance, a car battery has thin plates so as to keep its weight down and, it’s made for heavy discharge, though it lasts for only a short duration.

Types of solar batteries

These are some of the preferred batteries that are used in the generation of solar power.

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1) RV/Marine/Golf Cart – these batteries are best suited for small systems. This is because they don’t have the capability for nonstop service due to minimal power discharge which lasts for a few years. An example of these batteries is the golf cart battery. They can’t be charged too much as this may cause internal damages, thus making them less preferable for use. These types of batteries however, are pocket friendly - they are very cheap.

2) Flooded types – they are the most preferred batteries for a solar electric application. They are lead acid batteries and have caps that enable one to add battery water when needed. Examples of this type of batteries include Surrette, Deka and Trojan.

They come at a reasonable price that is within the financial reach for most people, without heavily affecting their budgets. They guarantee long service life for and they are not easily damaged.

3) Gel – these are sealed gel batteries. Unlike the flooded batteries, these batteries have no vent and don’t emit any gas during charging thus, they are capable of maintaining constant temperatures for better performance. They are also reasonably priced.

4) AGM – these batteries have a woven glass mat between the plates that holds the electrolyte. They don’t leak nor emit any gas during charging. They last longer compared to other types of batteries and have a slower self discharge hence, good service and performance.

Care and Feeding

For durability and good service, you need to maintain your battery in pristine condition. storing it at temperatures below 77 degrees is desirable - because the voltage drops as it gets colder. Let the voltage of your battery drop to 70% before you recharge it.

Whenever the acid or battery water has decreased in volume, it’s advisable that you add more. These are some of the measures you ought to take so as to keep your battery in good condition.

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