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Outdoor Solar Powered Lighting

Let's face it. Everyone wants to reduce their power bills, and somehow, everyone is concerned about our degrading environment. Then again, a look at your backyard reminds you that an upgrade is over due - it needs some aesthetic enhancement.

If all the above are your concern, you might like to consider alternative ways to give your backyard an uplift. Solar powered outdoor lighting and accessories will help you achieve more than just beautifying your yard.

There is a lot of free energy from the sun, which can do wonders in your backyard, both during day and night time. First, you need to understand what’s in for you.

Benefits of switching to outdoor solar lighting

Save money: solar energy and energy expenses are inversely related - when your solar usage increases, your monthly energy bills will gradually thin down. Within a few years, you’ll have recovered your initial investment and, if you produce enough energy, your bills can completely disappear - through a net-metering arrangement available in a number of states.

Solar lighting is convenient: your solar electric system lighting your backyard will seldom need maintenance, minimal if any. Moreover, for some system types, you may only be concerned with battery replacement. Solar outdoor lighting systems save you the bothersome timers, and instead automatically switch on and off at dusk and dawn respectively.

Beautify your yard and provide security lighting: garden solar lighting not only adds splendour to your garden, it will light up those burglar-prone dark corners. Thus, solar outdoor lighting is definitely one effective way to guard against unwanted intrusion.

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How to plan for your solar powered outdoor lighting

So, now that you know what’s in for you when you switch to outdoor solar lighting, its time to plan for an implementation. Lighting systems are more than just lights. You will probably be considering other accessories to add light, texture and personality to your deck, patio and grill area, plus the pool if you have one.

Solar outdoor lights are perfect when used to accentuate the walkways, flower-beds and the poolside area. You can choose from a range of styles, such as globe-shaped and flower-shaped garden lights, stake lights, string lights, and planters. Solar lanterns and tea lights are good for the fire pit and outdoor table, which make these places look romantic. If you have a swimming pool  in your garden, light it up with floating solar globes.

In addition to lighting, there are other accessories you can add to your outdoor space.

Solar fountains: make your garden a peaceful, ambient place to relax in with the sound of cascading water. Use a solar fountain to create a serene outdoor space by choosing from the different designs.

Another way to live greener is by supporting wildlife in your locality. If you are a lover of nature, then a solar birdbath should not miss in your garden or wooded area. A birdbath provides fresh water to a variety of bird species, and you’ll definitely benefit from the pleasant sight of birds.

Given that electricity is a product of some form of natural resource - coal, nuclear, among others - its worth considering the effects of its production on the environment. Install solar outdoor lighting and save the environment.

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