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Green Gifts Under $50

The holiday season is the most exciting time for many people. It is the time we get to meet our loved ones, exchange gifts and generally forget the hustle and bustle that is the norm in our day-to-day working lives.

Given the concerns about the degrading environment, the ‘living green’ campaign has been extended to giving gifts as well.

This interest and awareness has led to a great deal of innovation. For instance, today there is a variety of ‘green gifts’ that you can get for less than $50.

What are green gifts?

Basically, these can be anything that is more kind to the environment, both during its usage and the disposal. A ‘green gift‘ is any item that has little or no negative effects on the environment while in use, and when finally disposed of.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for holiday gifts is to shun gadgets that consume a lot of energy. If you’re purchasing electronics, look for devices that are kind on electricity. Also, ensure that most of the components are recyclable.

Some green gift ideas for the holiday season include LED lights for lighting the Christmas tree, instead of using ordinary bulbs. Ordinary bulbs consume a lot of energy – LED bulbs consume only 1/3 to 1/30 of what ordinary incandescent bulbs consume. Using LED lights saves energy and eventually reduces your bills at the end of the day.

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Instead of buying paper plates during holidays, you might want to consider re-usable material, such as porcelain. The aggregate result is that a number of trees will be saved as a result of decreased demand for paper materials. Other paper items which can be avoided are paper napkins.

Gifts that are bought by parents for their kids form a large portion of waste and, much of that waste is inorganic material. There are however gifts which are very affordable as well as eco-friendly, such as the Maple Landmark woodcraft toys for the boys and the Zoobie pets for the girls.

There are also a lot of items you could buy as gifts which are green and re-usable, such as baby carriers, baby bottles, as well as babies’ footwear, which have been made using recyclable materials.

The easiest choice of gifts for adults is usually electronics – cell phones, iPods, and notebooks, among others. Admittedly, the best electronics are also energy intensive, however, look out for electronic items that have the Energy Start label because they use less energy – less energy means less negative impacts to the air, water and soil.

Alternatively, you can buy solar gadgets, such as solar portable chargers, and the 3D video glasses for iPhone or iPod, which consumes less energy but gives high quality images.

Better still with electronic gadgets, instead of buying a new one, why not recycle and old one! It is one small way of saving the remaining natural resources.

There are bags for ladies made of recyclable materials which make for an excellent green gift. Millions of bags made on inorganic material end up in landfills. Using environmentally friendly material is not only cost-efficient but also safeguards our future.

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