DIY Green Energy For Homes

Energy Efficient Appliances for Energy Conservation

Efficient use of energy simply means reduction in the amount of energy used to run our appliances. It is seen as a way of reducing the emissions of toxic gases.

If many countries go in for energy efficient appliances then there will be a drastic fall in the use of energy ,reduction in cost of energy, more use of renewable energy and in general, a safer environment.

It is a widely known fact that appliances which are more than ten years old use more energy. If these are replaced with the new technology and modern appliances which are built to consume less energy then it will go a long way in controlling the emission of green house gases.

The United States Environment Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy has created “Energy Star” ratings for appliances that consume energy. Any appliance having an “energy star” logo on an appliance indicates efficient use of energy. 

This is a standard set to make sure that the companies making home appliances or lifestyle products adhere to certain testing procedures. Hence, when you are purchasing appliances for your home, make sure to check for the energy star logo and rating printed on the energy efficient appliances.

Here are a few of these appliances that help in conserving energy:

1. Solar lamps:  These use the sun’s energy to light up after dusk. It uses a photovoltaic solar panel, LED lamp and a rechargeable battery. The solar lamps recharge themselves automatically when there is sunlight. When darkness starts setting in, these solar lamps illuminate on their own unless they have an on and off switch.

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Solar lamps are used in the gardens, pathways, streetlights, around swimming pools, garages etc. Portable lamps which can be detached from the battery can be carried around when going for camping or on picnics. Click here to find out more about energy efficient versus regular light bulbs...

2. Refrigerators: Apart from choosing refrigerators with energy star rating which reduces energy usage, look for one which has fewer accessories. Refrigerators with water dispensers, auto-defrost and icemakers use more energy and are less efficient. A refrigerator which has a freezer box on top or bottom is more efficient.

3. Sun (solar) ovens: These ovens are one of the most energy efficient appliances that you can have in your kitchen. It gives the same kind of cooking in the same time as in a conventional stove. However, the food cooked is nutritious and natural; it is totally environmentally friendly, saves energy and is highly effective.

4. Front load washers for clothes: The washers use less water, can take larger load of clothes and save energy in water heating. If you are going in for a new dryer, then go for a model which has a sensor to automatically stop the drying when the clothes are dry. For a more detailed look on how to choose an energy efficient washing machine, click here...

5. Dishwasher: There are energy efficient dishwashers available which complete a full cycle in less time with less consumption of water. These dishwashers come with circulation fans for drying the load of vessels.

6. Computer and Home Office Equipment: Buy preferably a laptop to a desktop computer. A laptop uses about half the electricity when compared to a desktop computer. A laptop which is made of 3.3 volt components uses less energy and has a lighter battery.

These appliances have not only helped in conserving the environment but have made life easier for home makers with their efficiency.

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