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Eco-Friendly Wood Floor Wax

We are always complaining that the air we breathe outdoors is polluted but have we ever stopped to think even for a moment that with the amount of chemical-based products we use in our household, the air we breathe indoors is also as much polluted?

As a matter of fact, the polluted air inside our homes is more harmful to our body and health as we spend most of our time indoors.

This applies to not just our homes but also other places where we spend most of our time like the schools and offices.

One of the prominent things that cause the air indoors to get polluted is the various chemicals that we use. These chemicals are most often in the form of household cleaners and solvents. A floor cleaner is perhaps the most commonly used household cleaner and a toxic based floor cleaner is generally used to keep the floor squeaky clean.

This is especially the case when wooden flooring is used. To clean wooden floors, the floor cleaners that are used are more often than not filled with harsh and toxic chemicals that may cause harm to human body eventually. There is no denying the fact that wooden flooring needs special care.

However, by using eco-friendly products, you will not just keep your wooden floor looking clean and shiny but also contribute your bit to reduce the air pollution indoors.

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Frequent wooden floor waxing will keep the floor shiny. A regular wood floor wax contains chemicals like cresol, formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, phenol and other hazardous ingredients. Inhaling the fumes from these over a period of time can cause respiratory problems, liver or kidney diseases, and reproductive problems. In some causes this may cause cancer too.

Ironically, our children are usually the worst affected. Fortunately, some of the green-thinking companies have formulated wax polishes that keep the floor shining yet are not hazardous to health.

Most of these products that are readily available contain beeswax, carnauba wax (from leaves in palms grown in Brazil) and other natural resins (from bark of trees), linseed oil, rosemary oil and citrus-based thinner (made from rind of citrus fruits).

All these natural ingredients make this eco-friendly wood floor wax the best option for indoor usage. All the ingredients that go into making this wood floor wax polish are non-toxic and do not cause any form of allergy. These wood floor polishes apart from being environmentally friendly also protect the wooden flooring.

If you are the type who would still prefer to opt for home made floor cleaning solutions, a mixture of olive oil, beeswax, vodka and carnauba wax will also do the trick. All these can put in a glass jar or tin can and immersed in simmering water.

When all the ingredients blend well with each other and harden a little, the mixture can be rubbed onto the wood floors with rags. This can be a back breaking job but you can be assured of a healthy environment which is totally hazard free.

Eco-friendly wood floor wax is definitely a very innovative product that can bring back the original shine to your wooden flooring without causing any harm to the environment or you.

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