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Eco-Friendly Bath Rugs for Your Bathroom

Eco-friendly bath rugs or the green rugs are a huge hit with people trying to go eco-friendly with regard to their home appliances and products.

Bath rugs are used on the bathroom floors to keep the feet warm and prevent you from getting cold feet when you are in the bathroom. They serve a dual purpose by absorbing water and keeping your feet dry.

This helps in avoiding any fall-offs or slips while you are in the bathroom. Most of these rugs are made of synthetic material which is prone to breaking down overtime.

With daily usage and the damage caused due to mildew, these rugs/mats have to be replaced constantly. Throwing them away causes wastage of resources to the environment.

To help avoid this, many people are now opting for the green bath rugs so as to cause minimal damage to the environment.

Bath rugs that are made of natural resources and eco-friendly materials are considered be eco-friendly. These bath rugs do not make use of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients in their manufacturing process and goes a long way in creating an eco-friendly toilet at home.

The best thing about the bath rugs made with eco-friendly substances is that they provide all the basic functionality without causing any harm to the environment. These bath rugs absorb water and keep your feet warm and perform just like the synthetically made bath rugs.

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There are various benefits of using the eco-friendly bath rugs.  A green rug, apart from being free from any sort of synthetic materials and chemicals, prevents the skin from allergies which may be contracted from the synthetic bath rugs. On top of that, these are easily biodegradable too.

Some of the raw materials used to make bath rugs may be limited in nature and the gradual use of such resources will eventually cause depletion. Green rugs are made from renewable materials. That means that by using these rugs you will end up saving the world’s renewable resources too.

With the concept of “go-green” gaining popularity, bath rug manufacturers and stores have come up with alternatives to synthetic bath rugs. Here are a few of them:

• Organic cotton bath rug is made from cotton grown organically (without use of pesticides and chemicals). These are not harsh on your feet and give your feet a soft feel. These are made out of strands of cotton which makes them highly absorbent. They come with a non-slip cotton canvas to prevent you from slipping in the bathroom. These are available in many colors to help you co-ordinate with the décor of the bathroom.

• Hemp bath rugs use organically grown hemp as their basic raw material. These are mostly hand woven and are available mostly in earthy colors. People using this product claim that the hemp bath rugs are easy to maintain.

• Cork bath rugs are made of cork (bark of the oak tree). Cork is primarily used as wine bottle stoppers and for flooring purposes (tiles, walls, etc.). The advantage in using a cork bath rug is that it is highly elastic, impermeable and fire resistance and non-toxic.

All being said, getting some eco-friendly bath rugs for your bathroom is the best way to green up your bathroom.

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