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"Wonderful insights on building your own home power systems. The blueprints for the various green energy systems are clear and easy to follow. Thumbs up!"

- Indy Johnson, Perth, Australia

Product Description

"Do You Know What Is Costing You Money? Do You Know How To Fix It?!"

I want to help you change your life just as I have been able to change mine. As I said earlier, I have not suddenly become this rich beach-bum who doesn't have to work anymore. However, what I have done is to change my life so that I no longer have to worry about certain of my bills. And not only that, but it has also given me an added piece of karma - knowing that I am doing my part in saving the world (without saving the cheerleader).

It is not difficult to save energy, but there are certain changes that you will have to make. Luckily, these are fairly minor differences that won't make a massive difference to your life in the practical sense, but will mean that your life will change for the positive in the financial sense, and also that you will be contributing to the future of the world.

In Easy Home Power, you will discover:

    * Simple steps you can take right now to reduce the domestic consumption of energy
    * Alternative forms of fuel which are often cheaper than what you are using now
    * How to use the power of the sun to generate electricity
    * A clean and pollutant free power source that does not belch noxious fumes into the air
    * A unique solution for energy, especially if you live in a remote area
    * How you can create your own solar power generation system
    * How to construct a solar panel system for low-cost or even no-cost
    * Why building your own wind powered generation system could be the answer for you
    * The essential websites you must visit today in order to learn more about saving energy
    * Using a local water supply to generate electricity for your home
    * The power of biodiesel, and how you can use it in an engine without any modifications
    * What you can do with recycled cooking oil to save even more energy

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