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DIY Water Heater

Heating water for homes comprises a good portion of energy costs. Homeowners would be well served to look into this device to select the best option available for a new purchase or replacement, and one might expect costly options to do so.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Consider DIY water heater projects as an alternative to other costly options.

In looking into a DIY Water Heater, solar is a great cost efficient choice. Diy solar water heaters hold more energy at a significantly lower level of expense than electricity.

Difficulty level for a solar water heater depends on the project that you select. Some systems can be simple to install for DIYers, while others should only be attempted by experts. But there are projects that can be successfully completed by any homeowner with any level of expertise. You can get more information on how to make a solar water heater here...

There are five main  kinds of solar water heater systems: batch thermosyphon, open-loop direct, pressurized glycol, and closed-loop drain back. Choosing the best system will be dependent upon the family’s needs, the size of the home, and personal preference.

The number of family members in the household will be a factor in which systems are possible and how large the system should be. Also of consideration may be the encouragements to buy. Store or manufacturer rebates and incentive programs may only apply to certain systems in a given area.

The easiest of these for a DIY water heater project is the batch system. This system is comprised of a water tank placed in a location where it will have access to the sun. They can be designed to utilize parts from any local home improvement store so no need to send away for costly, unique parts.

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You can design it to suit your own needs. The system will be connected to your plumbing system. Your own unique design comes into play when you determine ways to use the sun’s energy to efficiently heat the water in the tank.

Before selecting a batch solar water heater, first consider whether this kind of water heater is the best for your area if you live in cold climates. If you live in an area of the country where temperatures typically fall below freezing for a long period of time during the winter, then you should look into one of the other DIY solar water heater projects.

Batch heaters are susceptible to freezing and breaking under prolonged freezing temperatures. If you have a batch water heater in a colder climate, you will need to drain it during the winter to prevent it from freezing. If you live in an area where the winters are cold, it may be best to try one of the other DIY solar water heater options, such as a closed loop system where the water is in constant motion.

For the purpose of being in the sun, make sure that you paint the tank a matte black color. This will allow for the most absorption of the sun’s energy to run the tank. Containing the batch water heater inside some sort of transparent encasement is a good way to allow direct access to the sun and trapping heat that can aid the system. Any other specifics are based on your creativity.

Some creative options for the solar DIY water heater have employed movable mirrors. The mirrors direct the sun’s rays over a much larger surface area onto the water heater. This creates a system that will be much more effective in heating water, as they are able to collect sunlight over a much larger area.

Because most DIY solar water heaters have costs of less than $1500 to build, you can rack up savings quickly and enjoy your investment.

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