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DIY Solar Water Heater

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Most people already know that building solar panels or wind turbines in our residential homes can help generate green energy for our household needs.

However, many individuals do not realize that another DIY green energy project that can generate huge savings in your utility bills os a DIY solar water hear.

Amongst the various household applicances, the ones that uses the most amount of electrical power are those that are used for heating. Do you know that a water heater can be one of the appliances that eat up the bulk of your electrical energy?

Instead of having to pay for the electrical bill monthly, does it appeals to you that through a simple DIY solar water heater, you could actually harness the power of the sun to heat your water for free? If so, you could be looking to save BIG on electrical power.

Before you jump into building a solar water heater, there are some considerations that one should that one making the choice. Firstly, you would need to determine the type of water heater, your daily water consumption, your hot water requirements, your climate and the budget that you have.

After choosing an appropriate type of heater, you would require a set of easy to follow blueprints to walk you through the construction process in an easy manner. Most of these plans are available online (we highly recommend this)

After getting ready the building plans, it is crucial to decide where you will place your new solar power heating system. Bear in mind to that the location of the heating system is dependent on the type of chosen technology.

If you intend to fix DIY solar panels on the roof, do keep in mind the amount of space that is available and how many panels you would be able to install. Another good tip is to place the solar panels facing away from the main view as it looks better for aesthetic purposes.

Using the sun and wind to help provide the renewable energy you need for your home is a growing trend. And why not? It can save money and have less of an impact on the planet, what could be better? If you really want to save money you can take the concept one step further and easily build your own DIY solar water heater system.  It won't cost you much money but can save you boatloads over the life of the system.

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DIY Solar Water Heater | DIY Solar Pool Heater