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DIY Solar Pool Heater: How To Maximize The Use Of Your Swimming Pool At All Times

Almost everyone revel in the idea of bathing on a swimming pool. As a matter of fact, there are people who can’t resist the temptation of jumping to the pool regardless of the time and season.

However, there are instances when the weather is biting cold that dipping on the pool is just too physically impossible.

Otherwise, if you do so, you risk of catching hypothermia. Incidentally, for those pool lovers out there, there is a solution to your swimming pool cravings during cold seasons.

Just like what other pool lovers have done, you can install a DIY solar pool heater. This way, you can continuously enjoy swimming all year round.

Installing your own DIY solar pool heater does not have to be difficult. In fact, you do not need to have some technical experience in order to have your DIY solar pool heater. The materials that you will need are basically stuff that you will find inside your homes and perhaps, in your neighborhood home supplies store.

As to the tools that you will need, these are usually home tools, so this would not be a cause for concern. Are you ready to learn to build your own DIY solar pool heater?

For those who have successfully built their own swimming pool heating system, they suggest that you consider the following tips:

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1. Create a collector compartment. For this purpose, you may utilize second-hand plywood. You could also consider unused flat woods.

2. Build the proper size for your collector compartment.

3. Use a material made of copper for which will serve as the plate of the back portion.

4. Divide the copper sheet based on the design of your solar pool heater.

5. Attach the copper sheets to your solar pool heater compartment.

6. Install the structure on which your solar pool heater will be supported.

7. Build the pipe which will provide heating supply.

8. Connect the pipe supply to the pump on the swimming pool.

9. Install the collector compartment.

10. Create a valve which you could use to operate your solar pool heater. You can turn it off and on as you please.

With this step-by-step guide on how to build your own pool heating system, certainly you will no longer have to be interrupted when it comes to your swimming pool escapade even during times when the weather is freezing.

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