DIY Green Energy For Homes

The Solar Panel Project for Your House

Intimidation is the most common reason why people fail to start diy solar energy projects. Most people are scared by things that appear difficult in nature to an extent that they cannot view solar power as being less complex than it appears to be.

However, once you get into it, it’s easy  to get hooked to solar energy  for life, after installing the first project and realizing how simple these types of projects are.

Before you can embark on any type of solar power project, it is advisable to take small steps that will help you build confidence in this technology and allow you to be fully accustomed to it.

Solar energy is an area where you can start a slow implementation process of simple and basic solar power projects that will pick with time. A good example of a simple project is the solar shower system that is portable and easy to install. Hot water from this system can be used to take a bath at camping sites, or after adventure walks.

Simple materials needed to make this shower include a transparent plastic bag with a black bottom. The transparent top lets the sunlight pass through, while the black bottom is responsible for absorption of the solar energy to heat the water inside the bag.

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Sunscreens can be used to reflect the sun's rays away from your home, therefore acting as insulators during summer when you need big reduction of this disturbingly bright light that brings a lot of heat inside the house. During winter, with limited sunlight, you do not want to have these screens since you need every bit of the sun’s heat in the house; therefore you need to remove them.

To set a good sunscreen insulator, you need to use the help of tacks, a hammer, a box cutter and a stapler. Frames for the windows can be purchased in a variety of colors redesigned to suite your entire house at a cheap price, for a number of benefits.

Other great solutions to small scale solar solutions include security lights power projects. These are composed of cells, a battery, a sensor and a spot light. The cell is placed in the sunlight to capture the solar energy and the other parts can be placed anywhere else depending on how you would like to use the spotlight.

The best place to put this kind of spot-light is at the front gate and drive way so that whenever someone opens the gate or walks along the driveway, the spotlight will illuminate the path for them to see their way.

This unit can also be setup in one’s garage or work place so that as soon as you get in, it can aid you in working or checking around. This kind of spotlight can also be very useful in basements, gazebos, gardens or even on dining tables. Generally, it can be used in all places with little lighting in your house.

The installation process might take quite some time, but the final results are worth it!

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