DIY Green Energy For Homes

Homemade Energy Devices

Energy costs have no doubt escalated in many households, not just in the US but all over the world.

For the last couple of years, experts have been raising people’s awareness about the depletion of energy sources and the need to conserve energy, in addition to the lessons on the impact of energy pollutants on the eco-system.

Consequently, many people nowadays are more careful with their energy consumption and are devising new means to meet their energy demands.

The increase in technology has enabled us to explore a great deal of options as far as generating and utilizing energy is concerned. As such, there have been significant gains in this area, at household and organization level. 

Experimenting with energy devices was initially the domain of research and development companies but thanks to the numerous companies manufacturing peripheral solar devices, it is easier now to find a range of options for using in home projects.

The energy production sector is dominated by private companies. Since they are profit oriented, much of the cost burden is inevitably passed on to the consumer. Increasingly, this burden has become too heavy for consumers to carry and more and more people are finding creative ways to make small homemade energy projects. 

For instance in many European countries and the US, many people are now building ecological houses – houses designed with materials that flow with the natural eco-systems so that they improve rather than degrade the environment – so as to conserve as much resources as possible.

From an external point of view, these initiatives are seen as ways to slow down the degradation of the environment but most people behind such projects are driven by the need to conserve and efficiently utilize energy and other resources like water and food.

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While homemade energy projects make much economic sense in the long run, they are usually costly to set up initially, which is still a big stumbling block for many homeowners. However, in many countries, governments are providing financial subsidies and facilities to homeowners to adopt the use of alternative energy devices.

These financial incentives fall into different definitions and jurisdictions and are thus governed by different laws and regulations. Some places still face many restrictions on using alternative energy sources and devices.

Renewable energy sources mainly used for homemade energy devices are solar and wind. Solar energy is by far still the most popular alternative source of energy for home projects. Wind powered devices are some of the easiest to construct, but they produce limited power.

They usually have intermittency issues due to variations of wind speed. Homemade magnetic power generators are also gaining popularity with a number of DIY manuals easily available online.

Some homemade energy devices include:

• Solar-powered jar garden lights

• Solar phone chargers

• Solar notebook chargers

• Solar water heaters

•  Homemade solar panels

• Greenhouse for seedlings

You can choose to go the manufacturer’s way and purchase individual components, or you can buy a complete DIY kit, which is usually bundled with a complete instructional manual. You only need basic skills and tools to start.

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