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Green Home Remodeling 101

There are a number of ways you can renew your home’s beauty. Many homeowners like to remodel their homes entirely, while some remodel certain parts. The latest craze in the remodeling business is green remodeling.

Green remodeling is not as complicated as it sounds; it’s basically incorporating renewable, cost-saving concepts when renovating a house.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), green remodeling is about making a home more comfortable, healthy and efficient.

Emphasis is put on energy conservation, quality of indoor air, conserving resources, reduction of material waste and using more eco-friendly products.

It is a logical approach to reducing wastage and therefore cut costs. Besides benefiting your health, you can expect to make considerable savings in the long run, especially in energy costs, as well as general health costs.

Why green home remodeling?

Well, the advantages are pretty obvious:

• Green remodeling is not so hard on earth and, it helps to reduce costs and improve quality of life by creating a more conducive living environment.

• It can help slash your energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent. It is widely accepted that 40 percent of the Earth’s oxygen is produced by forests and building supplies use up to 25 of natural forests.

• By using more eco-friendly materials, you indirectly contribute to the conservation of life-sustaining oxygen by minimizing demand of wooden materials.

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• When you remodel your home and incorporate more recycled materials, you’ll help slow down the depletion of natural resources. An estimated 1 million homes in the US undergo renovation each year, so imagine the impact if a majority of those homeowners used recycled materials!

• Going green has become hip in the 21st Century. As more people become conscious of their health and the state of the environment – let alone the escalating energy costs – they begin to consider more sustainable ways of living.

Features of green remodeling

Energy conservation

There are over 3 energy intensive systems utilized in an average home today – air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. According to the U S Department of Energy, up to $20 billion would be realized in energy savings if the current buildings were remodeled for efficiency.

Quality of indoor air

External pollutants, toxins from objects in the house and activities of home dwellers all contribute to the quality of air in a house. Things like smoke from burning wood, tobacco, kerosene, toxic fumes from chemicals, and many others all pollute air inside a house. The ventilation systems aim at reducing or eliminating this type of pollution.

Resource conservation through controlled material waste

Renovating a home usually leads to a huge amount of construction waste. It is estimated that this kind of waste makes up 20 percent of the waste in landfills. Green remodeling aims at recycling materials for re-use during the renovation. Up to 90 percent of waste material can be recycled.

Using eco-friendly products

Majority of the products used during the renovation of a house negatively affect the environment. With green remodeling, there’s much care taken to minimize or entirely exclude such products.

The benefits of green remodeling couldn’t come at a better time; going green is certainly the future.

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