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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

It may be too early to start off on planning your Christmas gifts’ list but it is not too early to start thinking of some eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

As a matter of fact, you will need to keep these ideas in mind almost always because giving gifts can happen anytime and anywhere.

When you have to give a gift, why go in for the usual gift wrapping paper, the typical ribbons, the same old boring bows, etc that are easily available in the nearby stationery corner?

Why not wrap your precious gifts in something unique which will leave an everlasting impression on the mind of the recipient? It always pays to get innovative and creative. 

Though some gifts can be given just the way they are without packing, wrapping a gift will make a recipient feel all the more special. This is because when you gift wrap the present you show the person that you care. This gesture also shows that your sense of appreciation and responsibility towards the environment.

This can be easily done by bearing in mind that you need to use eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas. Here are some ideas to help you save the environment with DIY projects while spreading smiles with your gifts:

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1. Re-usable gift wrapping paper: Collect the gift wrappers that you have already received. Open the gifts carefully so that you don’t damage them. Once you have a variety of paper in different colors, make a collage from them to make them re-usable. Even ribbons and bows can be re-used.

2. Cloth scraps of different colors and materials can be sewn together to make patchwork gift wrapper. The inside shiny aluminum foil of chips bags can be washed and dried to remove remnants of its contents and then used for wrapping gifts.

3. Calendar paper craft paper, drawing sheets used by children and newspapers which have colorful advertisements can be used for wrapping gifts. One can make envelopes with craft paper too. You can also use pinking shears to cut the closing flap.

Newspapers can be converted into gift bags too and they look a lot more stylish. Even empty tin cans and shoe boxes can be used. Some painting or graffiti can be done on them too. Collect dried leaves, flowers, shells, pine cones, etc when you go outdoors. These can be glued to the gift bags to give it a stylish look.

4. Old linen can be sewn into cloth bags with some special embroidery or painting done on it. These are re-usable too.

5. Scarves and shawls can be used to wrap the gifts too. They can be tied into various kinds of bows and knots to give your gifts an elegant look. These can be re-used by the recipient for gift wrapping or the recipient can use the scarves or shawls just the way they need to be used.

Gift wrappers are mostly made of papers that are axed every year. Paper making involves a chemical process and use of gallons of water. By using eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas, especially re-using gift wrapping paper, we can easily preserve the forests and our environment.

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