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Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaners for Clearing Clogged Drains

Drains get clogged if they are not cleared regularly off the food particles or hair etc. So the best thing to do is to pour boiling water once a week at the end of the day’s work. 

Regular pouring of warm water does not let the drains accumulate with dirt. However, there can be some stubborn waste matter that refuses to go away.

This is when you resort to the drain un-cloggers which are present in stores. These contain all sorts of chemicals which are hazardous to human life and the environment in general.

Drain cleaners are solutions poured into clogged drains to clear them off food particles and other such waste in the sinks. However, these regular drain cleaners are often made with toxic ingredients which may cause harm to the environment. Hence, the use of eco-friendly drain cleaners is always recommended.

The most common man-made chemical used in drain cleaners is caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. Though it is not harmful to the environment or a pollutant, it can cause skin diseases. The fumes emitted out from these chemicals can lead to respiratory problems. If it is consumed by accident, it can cause stomach and chest pain along with vomiting and nausea. It is especially not recommended for households where there are children.

Instead of using these harsh chemicals, it is always a good idea to make your own drain cleaning solution at home.

Some basic ingredients that come handy in making your own home made drain cleaners are:

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• Borax - helps in killing bacteria. It helps to soften water and removes odor.

• Baking soda - This is a good scrubbing powder and works like a soap.

• Soap – Soaps are easily available in grocery stores in the form of bars, flakes, powder or liquid. It is biodegrades easily and is not harmful.

•  White Vinegar or Citric Powder – These substances help in removing stains caused by lubricants like grease or oil.

• Washing soda – Washing soda actually acts as a disinfectant and softens water.

Pouring a handful of baking soda mixed with half a cup of vinegar down the drain pipe is perhaps a great idea to clean the drain pipe. Again, you will need to follow this up with pouring boiling water. Your drain will get unclogged immediately without the use of any chemical.

Another good idea or perhaps one of the best eco-friendly drain cleaners is a carbonated drink. You can try emptying a pack carbonated drink down the drain at least once a week. You can then pour a hand full of salt along with boiling water after a while to drain.

A new earth friendly drain cleaner available in stores makes use of a mixture of natural bacteria and natural enzymes. These are non-corrosive and do not cause any sort of burning. Some drain cleaners are formulated by using bacteria which decomposes the organic waste matter. This is harmless to the environment. For really stubborn cases, you could always rely on the trusty rubber plunger to free the drain of any matter.

Having problems cleaning clogged drains? You need not worry more; the above mentioned eco-friendly drain cleaners will do it all for you.

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