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Convert Your Car To Run On Water

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A trip to the gas station can be a dreadful experience in knowing that you’re about to drain your wallet just to put gasoline in your car.

Each visit, the price seems to be just a few cents higher per gallon than the visit before. It is because of this that alternative ways to fuel cars is becoming an appealing interest to the everyday consumer.

Batteries, electricity, and even gasless options are being considered. But one rising possibility is water. Many drivers want to know how you can

There are a few viable possibilities for alternative fuel sources that are currently being investigated. The biggest well-known alternative is electricity. Electric cars offer more miles to the gallon than gasoline only cars. 

However, they still require the purchase and consumption of gasoline in order to operate. While the extra miles to the gallon are promising, drivers still must pull up to the pump and face high priced gas. The electricity to charge the car is linked to power plant pollutants.

Batteries have been used to power some cars and offer an environmentally friendly option. However, the problem it presents is the length of time between having to plug up the car to recharge the battery. Because of this, it can only be driven a couple of hundred miles at a time before it has to locate an electrical outlet to recharge.

Another option is cellulosic ethanol. This has been evaluated to offer great fuel potential. However, it is made from the fermentation of plants. This process is very expensive, so while it may be an alternative, it may not be cost effective.

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Another alternative is hydrogen, with the source being water. Hydrogen packs a lot of energy for its light composition. And a plentiful source of hydrogen can be found in water. Technology has been developed to use hydrogen as a fuel for cars, with water being the source.

Already, conversion kits are available to set up hydrogen fuel cells to convert cars to run on water, complete with do-it-yourself energy guides.

The concept for conversion kits is extracting the hydrogen energy from water and using it to fuel the car. Through electrolysis, the water is broken down into its basic components of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

This becomes a gaseous mixture that can be burned. The resulting energy from the burn is what is used to power the car. Just like the case with the hybrid, the water fuel is used as a supplement to the gas in your car.

As good as this sounds, the system is in need of further improvement. Currently, although the hydrogen from water produces energy, it is actually less than the energy you put in. Research is being done to make improvements in this area. Electric cars have already been prototyped to run on hydrogen you fill your gas tank with at the service station.

Ways to convert your car to run on water are possible. The next step is to make it energy efficient and more desirable as an alternative fuel source to gasoline.

I hope this article gave you enough of useful information to consider converting your car to run on water.

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Convert Your Car To Run On Water | How to Run Your Car on Water :


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Convert Your Car To Run On Water | How to Run Your Car on Water