DIY Green Energy For Homes

Ceiling Fans And Roof Turbines

The amazing thing is that roof turbines have been around for decades and yet their benefits are only becoming recognized in recent years.

The simple fact is that with energy costs rising for home heating and air conditioning, a simple ceiling fan or roof turbine retrofitted to your home can have a major effect on energy efficiency and your utility bill.

An energy demand from the household, unless you have your own green generation, creates further pressure on non renewable and polluting energy plants.

The environmental impacts may be having lasting effects with global warming and damage to wilderness areas.

So saving energy is not just for financial gain!

Part of the renewed interest in these systems is because they are increasingly more efficient.

The old ceiling fan was bulky, heavy and aesthetically unappealing.

Today designs with lightweight blades and reversible pitch will work in both winter and summer to both move hot air down in winter to heat a room, as well as drawing warm air out in summer.

You may not realize that the dryer your room's air is, the easier it will be to heat. The prevention of moisture build up in a room can be achieved with expensive air conditioning systems but a more effective and cheaper alternative is a roof turbine.

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This inexpensive device that can be fitted by even the average DIY energy expert and will pull air out of the roof cavity that may have moisture trapped in it.

Every day we add moisture in to the home with cooking, wash drying and that hot shower in the morning. This can be as much as 2.5 gallons in one day!

Timber and insulation with high levels of damp will make it harder to heat your home and create the risk of decay in the wood. Condensation around windows can reduce the life of these fittings as well if they are of timber construction. Any reduction in energy demand is a benefit but there is the added improvement in the quality of air that you and your family enjoy.

Dry air means less risk of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and the clamminess of damp clothing and furnishings. A roof cavity can of course get very heated during summer months even if insulated.

The result is that it can extend into your living areas and a roof turbine sucking air from this area will help you stay a little cooler. That can mean you can set the thermostat on lower levels without increasing your energy bill dramatically.

A roof residential wind turbine is lightweight and while you don't want to get cheap and nasty versions there are some on the market that really deliver and won't cost the earth. Look also for those that have storm and hurricane ratings and a warranty should you have any concerns on the benefits you may get.

Remember that these turbines require no electricity and will begin to spin in the lightest of summer breezes. The real savings that can be made in reducing your summer and winter energy bills are a big reason to look at this economical and quick to install a system.

Only a matter of hours is needed and no structural strengthening for your roof.

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You can build your own wind turbine and take advantage of the wind as a free resource to power your home:

You will also be helping with a reduction in greenhouse emissions and that ferocious demand for wasteful fossil fuels.