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A Look at Solar Heating Tubes as Clean Energy

One of the major players in keeping your electric bill high is your units for balancing your home’s temperature.

Besides, keeping a whole structure cool during summer and warm during winter is never an easy thing. This is the reason why these units suck most of your energy consumption monthly.

If you have not wonder, you will notice that every top 10 tips to lower down your bill includes ways on how you can better use your AC unit or your heating system.

In any case, to keep your energy consumption at the minimum and to help lower down your house’s electrical requirement, you would need consider alternative ways to change the temperature in your house.

Nowadays, you should take a look at solar heating tubes as clean energy source, an invention that had led many apartment owners into saving more dollars. Solar heating tubes are primarily used to increase the temperature in your house in a comfortable level.

This is especially needed during the winter months. In the case of apartment owners, keeping the full structure warm during winter will indeed require massive electrical consumption. This invention solved their problem, and there are many reasons why you should consider it too.

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If you want an eco-friendly way to warm up your home, solar tubes will do the job with justice. It uses the power of the sun the increase the temperature of a special fluid inside a series of vacuum-sealed tubes. Theses tubes are then attached to your home’s heating system.

The whole heating mechanism works this way: the sun will heat up the fluids, and since the special fluids are very sensitive to sunlight, it can reach temperatures of up to 190 C. The heat that the fluids get from the sunlight will then be transported to your house’s heating system. This heat energy will bring in warm water in you shower, and warm air into your living room.

If you take a look at solar heating tubes as clean energy producers, you will notice that it is quite different with other solar-powered mechanisms to heat up structures. Most of these systems convert the heat from the sun into electricity. This electricity will then be used to run your normal heating system. The problem with this technique is that there is too much energy wasted.

This is especially true during the conversion of the heat to electricity. Solar heating tubes do the other way around. It directly uses the heat from the sun to warm up your home, without any conversions necessary.

In fact, according to studies, these heating tubes are 85% more efficient as compared to the other heating systems. Moreover, because of its design to harness the heat directly, it lets you use the most out of every sunray in your place.

Because of all the reasons mentioned above, it would be wiser for you to switch into using the solar heating tubes. Although setting it up will cost you money, it will still be compensated by the money it will help you save in the long run. If you are still in doubt, research for more articles taking a look at solar heating tubes as clean energy makers.

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