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7 Things You May Not Know About Solar Energy

Do you know everything about solar energy? Here are 7 things you might not know:

1] In times of great strain on energy resources from non renewable coal and gas fired power plants, it is great to know there is one supply source that we can all access, will never run out and is free! Yes it's the sun!

It really doesn't matter where you are and how small or large your home is, if you can see the sun you can utilize its power.

Even on low sun days there is enough energy to power the demands for most homes and locations.

However, you may decide that all you need is a small system for lighting or air conditioning.

2] Building your own solar energy generator has never been so easy or so cheap.

In fact the average DIY enthusiast can put one together in a matter of hours at a fraction of the cost of commercial installations.

You don't need expensive materials either and may be able to use recycled items already found around your home or workplace in construction. This is one of the main benefits of installing solar panels at home.

For information about this check out the online guides that offer you full technical help as well as designs and instructions to see just how simple this project can be.

3] Adding a solar power system to your home will not require any major structural alteration unlike the need for towers or roof strengthening to install a wind generator.

The panels are light and easily repairable, and take up only a few square feet. The batteries for storage will need a flat pad to house them but you won't need to rewire the whole house.

4] As technology improves the type and efficiency of batteries and the photo voltaic cells, solar energy begins to out rate other forms of renewable power generation.

The use of sun power has been around for decades but until demand for this form of power increased, there was little development of truly viable domestic systems.

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5] Solar power is truly green because there are few of the side issues of other types of generation...

No pollution during operation, visually little effect on the landscape and no large scale problems with disposing of fuel rods or treating of gas emissions. You don't need to dam up rivers or mine wilderness areas for this fuel!

In this sense solar energy is perhaps the greatest hope for future green power generation and the one for which the cost will never be increased by your utility company!

6] The aspect of self reliance is one factor which makes solar power stand out for the home owner.

Not only can you look to generate your own electricity but negate the dependence on utility companies to always meet your demands.

If you have suffered a black out recently through damage to the grid or high demand that exceeded supply, then reducing this reliance seems to be a wise and prudent thing to do for your family's security.

Blackouts occur in high summer as air conditioning demand skyrockets.

This is when your solar energy system will really come into its own!

7] For most of us it seems that the reasons for adopting renewable energy are something that we will face in the future and right now not worth worrying about.

The truth is that our current systems are old, overworked and frankly at full stretch.

The only path to future energy sufficiency seems to lie in nuclear power generation as coal reserves are exhausted and we run out of rivers to build hydro schemes on.

The irony is that the biggest nuclear generator in our solar system....the sun.... is working away for free!

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