DIY Green Energy For Homes

4 Ways You Can Green Up Your Home Today

There are a number of small projects and diy home tips you can do at in just a day or two that can make your home more environmentally friendly.

1) To save energy, the easiest thing you can do at home is to change your light bulbs.

Swap your incandescent bulbs for energy efficient compact florescent (CFL) ones.

The great thing about CFL's is that they only use about a quarter of the energy of an incandescent lightbulb, but CFL's are just as bright and last much longer.

You are just throwing your money away if you continue to use incandescent light bulbs, because they waste a lot of energy, give off much more heat than light and burn out really quickly.

2) Having a programmable thermostat means that you're wasting less energy than you would with a typical thermostat because it operates only during the time that you set.Not only are you saving energy, but a programmable thermostat allows you to set your home temperature according to your own preferences.

You will be pleasantly surprised with your heating bills and it is likely that you will save between 20% and 30% annually. The great thing about programmable thermostats is that they don't need much maintenance, apart from the odd battery needing replacement.

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The best thing for you to do is to look for regular periods of four hours or more where you can lower the temperature settings - for example when you are at work and when you are asleep. Programmable thermostats are reasonably priced so it's definitely an investment that is affordable. The cheapest ones start and go as high as $150.

Keep an eye out for reasonably priced ones and remember to read reviews in consumer magazines and on online review sites.

3) Another way you can green up your home today is by insulating your water pipes. It's important because it helps hold the heat in and reduces the energy needed to keep your water warm.

If your pipes are properly insulated you will find water will run faster in your taps and in your showerhead, and this will save both water and energy.

Many people are unaware of the importance of insulating cold water pipes as well. Cold water pipes must be insulated to prevent them from dripping condensation and/or absorbing the temperature.

By doing this you will see a real difference in the savings on your power bill.

This project is slightly more difficult than changing your light bulbs so you may wish to hire a handyman to help you with this one but is still a project you can do yourself- all you will need is a free morning and the materials (you can pick these up from your local hardware store).

4) Did you know that the largest sources of heat loss in your home are your windows and doors? One way to remedy this is to weatherize windows and doors.

Not only will you save energy but you will also feel more comfortable without those pesky drafts.

Weatherizing windows and doors is the easiest way to save energy in your home. The size and age of your home will determine how much money you will save.

Anyone can do this project themselves, you can pick up all the tools you need at your local hardware store. To benefit the environment it is recommended that you buy caulk with low or zero-VOC content and a water based acrylic product.

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For a fantastic green, money saving guide, check out Power4Home now:

Try these green projects above to make your home more environmentally friendly, and you will save money on your power bills as well.