DIY Green Energy For Homes

10 Green Things to Do in Your Home Right Now

If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, there are some things you can do right now without costing you a lot, or even moving from the room.

1] Look around at your lighting and the type of bulbs you use.

If they are the old incandescent style make a note to replace them with CFLs. This will not only save you up to 70% of the electric power but last up to five times longer.

When you leave the room, turn off the light and consider each room in the house the same way.

2] The computer you are using now to read this should also be turned off at the wall when not in use.

All appliances in the house should be treated the same way as standby functions still use power! Appliances left connected also pose a small but real risk of fire, particularly old TV sets.

3] If you are leaving to go to the kitchen don't run the water tap down the drain and fix that dripping tap if you have put it off. Wasting the precious resource that is water is bad enough but remember that this utility has a cost to the household too.

4] If the bathroom was the next room to visit there are several things you might address here straight away.

If your toilet does have a dual flush ...use it! Look at your cistern and think about the simplest way to save water here by putting a brick in the bottom to reduce the fill each time. A family can save a thousand or more gallons a year just by doing this!

5] The shower also has the potential to waste water if the nozzle is dripping or an old style wide spray.

Make a note to look at replacing it, but in the meantime get a simple timer to make sure no-one spends too long here. Remember that heating water is a major cost to every household so...

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6] Check the thermostat settings on your hot water heater.

A drop of 10 F can save five per cent alone in water heating in a year.

You should also look at the insulation of hot water pipes and the water heater itself. Fixing this may cost in the short term but cost recovery may only take a few months so is certainly worth the investment.

7] Go Back to the kitchen and look in the cupboards and refrigerator at your supplies.

Ever considered the advantages of growing a few staple vegetables even if only the seasonal ones?

Growing a vegetable garden is healthier, saves the packaging and transport costs of the produce you buy at the market, and you can compost organic waste for the garden and recycle grey water to feed your plants.

8] Do you need all those chemical products here, and in other parts of the house?

Buy only environmentally friendly and dispose of those that are not responsibly. There are many simple cleaning products that you can make yourself so get online or go to the library and check them out.

9] Recycling is one step you can take straight away and it will cost you nothing.

Just sort out paper and card, metal and plastics and find out where you can drop them to be used in other manufacture. Just make an effort and get the whole family into the habit as well.

10] The garage has the biggest potential polluter and energy user in it, and before you even leave home consider if there is another way the trip can be made.

Use the car wisely and check maintenance is up to date, tyre pressures and poor tuning can waste gasoline on every trip.

A great way to get the feel good "DIY" buzz is to build your own wood work items, Woodworking 4 Home have an incredible range of easy to follow plans that you should check out:

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These are a few tips that can make a difference to your life and the planet before you even leave home!