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10 Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Are you planning to renovate you house? You should consider the following 10 eco-friendly home improvement ideas that will help you make your home safe for the environment.

This article will discus the top 10 ideas that you can follow to keep your house still efficient without letting your surroundings suffer.

 Nowadays, the movement for a more eco-friendly design is in its peak. Making your home follow this movement will enhance the look of your home, the savings that you get, and its nature friendliness.

Consider the following steps.

1. First in the list of 10 eco-friendly home improvement ideas is the change in your power source. The call to use homemade solar panels should help you decide on this one.

2. Fluorescent bulbs consume less energy compared to light bulbs. In that case, change any light fixtures that use incandescence. You will be saving energy, and you will be making a greener choice.

3. Another option that you can use for your light fixtures is to utilize motion detectors. During the night, this will still provide lighting, but it will turn on when it is only needed. You will also be saving a lot when it comes to your bills.

4. If you have a yard, make a compost pit. This will help you separate your trash accordingly, and will make your backyard more fertile. Instead of throwing your biodegradable waste, recycle them by using the compost pit.

5. For your air conditioner units, keep them clean at all times. The filter will eventually catch dirt that will prevent the conditioned air to flow naturally. This will use more energy. Keeping your unit clean will lessen the energy consumption.

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6. Are you planning to change your roof? Try changing the color that you use. By doing so, you can change the absorption rate for heat. Using lighter colors, like white, will lower the temperature in your attic, easing the job your AC unit.

7. Instead of relying to our air conditioning unit, install more fans in your home. This will provide enough ventilation during the summer season, and will keep your house warm by dispersing the hot air from your attic.

8. Assign a day where all of your family members will audit the energy consumption in your house. By doing so, you will be updated on how you use your energy. Make changes if you found your consumption quite excessive.

9. Save water in every possible way. Leaky faucets should be fixed as soon as they were detected. Try to make the most out of your clothes to prevent washing them frequently. For example, use your jeans for a few more times.

10. Make your house insulated. To prevent the conditioned air from your AC unit from coming out, check for wind leaks in your doors and windows and ensure that they are tightly sealed.

If you want to show your love for Mother Earth, follow the 10 eco-friendly home improvement ideas mentioned above. As a suggestion, add more ideas so that you can increase the efficiency of your house.

Making a real difference to your home may only give you a warm glow in setting such an example, but it is still a very valid outcome and worth the effort.

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